About Me

In 2008 Christina Swingdler started Christina Anastasia, most noted for extraordinary jewelry. However, Christina being born unto artists has been painting for decades emphasizing the dance between colors and her meditations manifested on canvas.

“Creation for me, in all the forms it manifests: painting, jewelry, dance, music… is a meditation within my finite human form that explores the Infinite of which we are all created. I am continually facing and dealing with my deepest human feelings and acknowledging and processing the roots of our shared human experience through art.”

My artistic intention is to assist in making the world a more joyful place one sparkly smile at a time. First I only create when I am feeling good. I put my energy into my art and I want people to feel good when they wear or see it. Between meditations, conscious thought, the active release of thought, and years of training in the arts has enabled me to create the way I do.

In regards to my paintings I predominantly paint on boards. I start by cutting my desired sizes then prepare them for accepting pigment. Using acrylic paint, raw pigments, and mixed media I paint, and it dries. Then I cover the entire piece in a heavy gloss medium and allow it to dry for many days to over a week. Then I paint more.

This process continues up to 20 layers alternating between pigment and gloss acrylic medium.

One painting can take up to months of solid creation.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science” Albert Einstein